Fixed Fire Suppression System

Simple, reliable and uncomplicated way to protect your wealth and property, especially in large open areas threatened by fires.

Fixed fire-safety system Bonpet uses liquid Bonpet and it was designed as zone fixed fire-safety system, which can be used indoors. It is used to extinguish fires of classes A, B and F. Fixed fire-safety system Bonpet offers not only self-activation but also manual activation for extinguishing a fire. It is suitable for varnishing chambers, transformers (outdoor and indoor), hydraulic generators, vacuum thermoforming plastic machines, warehouses of inflammable fluids, wood industry (filters, etc.), warehouses, tunnels (in testing), etc.

Suitable for :

Small Offices

Public amenities

Industrial facilities

Engineering facilities


It works by spraying the fire extinguishing liquid. The installation of pipelines and jets is similar to the ones for water spraying system, the only difference is the quantity of extinguishing. The main purpose when using water spraying system is, that the spraying water enables intervention of firefighters and that is why it has to spray longer. The main purpose of fire extinguishing liquid Bonpet, is to extinguish a fire and because of its effect, the spraying time is shorter (around 20 seconds) and it does not need an irrigation. Because of this extraordinary feature the tank contains relatively small amount of liquid Bonpet (calculated according to an area of extinguishing). Nitrogen creates pressure in the container with the extinguishing liquid Bonpet. Flow of the extinguishing liquid into the pipeline is suppressed with automated ball valves which are opened by a signal from the fire fighting control centre and thus enable the flow of liquid to the nozzles in the fire extinguishing zones.


  • Liquid Bonpet does not cause any damages during the fire extinguishing and its remaining components are easily cleaned.
  • It is human and environment-friendly.
  • At regular maintenance – unlimited product life expectancy.
  • Costs of maintenance are signed with a contract.
  • Slovenian product.
  • Free consulting and viewing.


Fixed fire-safety extinguishing system is formed from elements of mechanical and electrical equipment and is one of the low pressure systems with a working pressure of extinguishing up to 5 bars. Pipe and tube fittings used for construction of a piping system have 7,5 bar of a low pressure test (plumbing installation).


Based on the inspection of the building and of the drawings of the rooms with technological equipment, the designs are elaborated with taking into account the valid rules regulating the field of active fire protection. Determining the number of fire extinguishing zones which depends on the lay-out of the plant and equipment or material in the rooms, shall constitute the basis for calculating the necessary quantity of liquid Bonpet. The largest quantity stipulated per each container determines the size of the pressure container - this determines also the size of the module, which contains the elements of the plant with the container.

Procedure of installing the system

As a part of installing a fixed fire-safety extinguishing system we make and prepare:
  • A project documentation, assembly, system pressure test,
  • filling in with the fire extinguishing liquid Bonpet, .
  • inspection of the plant by a company authorized to inspect the systems of active fire protection,
  • training of staff who will operate the stationary extinguishing plant (to be appointed by the client)
  • handing over the documentation to the investor.
  • Free consulting and viewing.