Ceiling Automatic Extinguisher

The BONPET suspended fire suppression module is a versatile fire safety device in the form of a compact cylinder with a spray nozzle, filled with the BONPET fire extinguishing liquid under pressure.

The modules are installed either locally, above the protected area, or throughout a room. Thanks to their small size, they can also be installed above a suspended ceiling, leaving only the nozzle visible from below..

Suitable for :

Home, Apartment

Public amenities

Industrial facilities

Engineering facilities


  • A range of actuation options
  • A range of actuation temperatures
  • High-grade stainless steel
  • Can be hidden
  • Protects areas up to 23 m2
  • Service life 10 years without refilling
  • Can be connected to the facility-wide fire system

How it works

Energy from compressed gas forces the BONPET fire extinguishing agent out towards the seat of the fire. A pressure gauge monitors the working pressure in the module.