One Fire Extinguishing Liquid Covers All Fire Classes


The best way of protecting lives and property.

Bonpet is a European trademark for a unique liquid formula that has been authorized in more than 40 countries to provide the highest levels of protection for people’s health and property safety against fire, in accordance with latest European regulations and directives.

Unlike gas extinguishers; Bonpet liquid doesn’t have to fill up the whole room, just a thin layer above the surface of the fire is enough for extinguishing, eliminating smoke immediately and has a cooling affect more than 10 times of a normal gas extinguisher. Nevertheless, mixing 6% of Bonpet liquid with water will proportionally increase extinguishing affect by 20 times.

Unlike other types of extinguisher; non-decomposed components of Bonpet liquid that remain on the surface after the fire has been extinguished have the ability to disintegrate and cool the surface and therefore preventing fire from re-igniting.